Rehearsal Resources

Here are some online resources for using at home or with your fellow part singers.

Beethoven Mass in C

Learning Resources

CyberBass. A free website that uses MIDI files that are not downloadable but will run on Android phones and tablets with a data connection. Should work on an iPhone too but I can’t test that. Will prepare rehearsal CD’s at a cost. On PC’s has a control to alter speed and balance.

Choraline. A commercial site charging for resources. Useful for truly mobile solutions.

Learn Choral Music. Another free site that causes the files to download so useful for practising on the move. Personally, I don’t like the voices used as much as those in Cyberbass.

Listening Resources

Beethoven – Mass in C Major for Solo, Chorus and Orchestra Op.86 – Sir Colin Davis, LSO and Chorus. A commercial recording uploaded to YouTube. There are many more available there.

Bach Magnificat in D-major

(This is the second version. He wrote it first in in E-flat major).

Learning Resources


Learn Choral Music

Choralia An interesting site that sings the words using a synthesised voice. Part specific files available

John Fletcher Music. Another enthusiast’s site that includes MIDI, mp3 and SCORCH files. The last uses the Sibelius technology to show score as well as playing the parts. It’s a bit techie and I’ve not got it to work but I’ll try again later.

Listening Resources

A recording by Nicholas Harnoncourt on YouTube. There are many others referenced on that page

Tippet Five Negro Spirituals

Learning Resources

Learn Choral Music This appears to be the only version available

Listening Resources

This work is still in copyright so internet versions are scarce. This playlist appears to be ok