Watch or hear the pieces we are performing

Here are some links to various sites that will enable you to hear performances of the pieces we are rehearsing. I’ve simply done a search in Youtube and chosen some of the top results. I assume that whoever posted the item has the copyright but as we are listening for study purposes that should be all right anyway.


A search for the Messa di Gloria on Youtube reveals about 5170 full or partial performances! I obviously haven’t had time to review them all. Here are some full recordings:


Only about 3000 versions of this!

  1. A television recording of an arrangement for choir and strings by John Eliot Gardiner
  2. An audio+scrolling score version by the St Bride’s London Choir
  3. An audio recording plus “uplifting” slide show by the St John’s College Choir


Only about 2500 versions of this!


About 2500 versions


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