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Rehearsal 2014-03-26

I will post a short report after each rehearsal to record any significant announcements or developments concerning the upcoming concert and, especially, notes on what we rehearsed so that members who not able to be present can know what they should brush up on.

So from tonight:

  1. John is waiting on a copy of the Part Antiphons. He will make a decision once he’s had a chance to examine it in detail.
  2. What did we rehearse?
    1. Brahms Geistliches Lied, ESM pp56-63 in total
    2. Puccini Gloria from #17 on p31 to #23 on p37. We will pick up there next week
    3. Mendelssohn Verlieh uns Frieden ESM pp208-213. Revised in total
  3. What should we look at before next week?
    1. Casals  O vos omnes ESM pp99-102. This has split ATB parts so we need as many present as possib;l