Our website address has been changed to www.cantonchorus.org.uk – please read below

We had been notified that the registration of our existing website address would come to an end in January 2019 and because this part of our web administration was managed by Keith Underdown, his very sad passing in 2015 left us unable to renew the registration. The new  address is http://www.cantonchorus.org.uk so please insert this into your smartphones, iPads, and computers as a replacement for http://www.canton-chorus.org.uk. The latter address will still work for a few weeks – and there is a chance we may be able to re-register it once we have lost it. We will keep you posted.

Website and internet administration is being looked after by Anna Brazier, Margot Henery and myself (Brian Morgan). We would really appreciate offers of help from other members of the chorus who have acquired skills in this territory.