Our First 2020 Performance – Advance Notice – Update plus Rehearsal Resources to be Prepared.


Our Winter Concert, first concert in 2020, will be on Saturday January 18th. The first rehearsal for this concert will be on Wednesday September 11th 2019.

Here are two works to be performed:

Handel Israel in Egypt Part 1 and Mozart Great Mass in C Minor K427
I’ll leave the rest of this announcement in place for now as there is useful information there – it will be updated during the summer break.



IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Summer Concert this year will be at a venue different from our usual location. We will be performing at St. Mary of the Angels Church, Kings Rd., Canton CF11 9BX.

The concert will be on Saturday June 29th 2019 and we will be performing Leonard Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms and Giussepi Verdi’s Four Sacred Pieces. Here is list of resources for members who would like to practise their parts at home. The list includes links to websites – some of the material is free and and some has to be paid for – we are eligible to receive discounts. Considerable thanks to Margot Henery and Gabrielle Kirov for researching and filing this material for adding to the website.

Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms is at:


Choralia has words; donations are encouraged, in order for them to avoid having adverts to bring in income.

Or at: http://cyberbass.com/Major_Works/Bernstein/bernstein_chichester_psalms.htm

Verdi’s Four Sacred Pieces can be found at: https://johnfletchermusic.org/verdig-four-sacred-pieces/ You have to register for this but it is free.

Two of the Verdi pieces are also on Choralia:

Ave Maria here: http://www.choralia.net/vr12mp3/vr12mp3en.htm

Stabat Mater here: http://www.choralia.net/vr09mp3/vr09mp3en.htm

Otherwise, it is possible to order and pay for both works on one CD from Quintus at Saffron Choral Prompt: https://www.saffronchoralprompt.co.uk/ or tel. 01799 586269, or use online contact form. (£8 per work, but discounts for more than one work on a CD and/or multiple copies).

Or CD or stream/download/app from Choraline: www.choraline.com or phone 01285 644845 / 01326 567300

We have a 10% choir discount available with Choraline for online or phone orders … please ask your part rep for details re how to access this.