Our First 2019 Performance – Advance Notice and Rehearsal Resources.

You’ll have seen the notice regarding the rehearsal on September 5th this year – the concert will be on January 19th 2019 and we will be performing Haydn’s Creation with orchestral accompaniment. Here is list of resources for members who would like to practise their parts at home. The list includes links to websites – some of the material is free and and some has to be paid for – we are eligible to receive discounts. Considerable thanks to Margot Henery and Gabrielle Kirov for researching and filing this material for adding to the website.

Free resources (although, if you like Choralia, whose start screen is not filled with adverts, please consider donating – there’s a piggy bank icon at top left of screen)
Cyberbass – The Creation – http://www.cyberbass.com/Major_Works/Haydn_J/haydn_creation.htm : electronic notes with no words – click on your part (or tutti if/when you’re more confident) & control speed if you wish in the panel below
Choralia – The Creation – http://www.choralia.net/hy05mp3/hy05mp3en.htm : electronic ‘voices’ with words – scroll down to your part & click on one of the 3 options available (hover your cursor over each to see what they are) & controls will be available in centre screen
Paid resources
Choraline – www.choraline.com: We have a 10% choir discount available … Please contact [email protected] for discount code. The cost before the discount is £9.99 to stream or download and £13.99 for the CD.
CD from Quintus at Saffron Choral Prompt:
or tel. 01799 586269 or email [email protected]
(£8 each; discounts for more)