Next Concert Taking Shape

The date for our next concert is June 28, 2014 in St John the Evangelist.

The main work is Puccini’s Messa di Gloria, so called because forty of the seventy three pages of the score are given over to the Gloria! Puccini wrote it when 18 for his music college graduation. Four generations of his family had been known for writing religious music but this was his final work in the genre; the world of opera called!

It was performed once in 1880 and then lost for 75 years before being found by an American priest, researching a biography of Puccini.

Our first rehearsal this evening (Wednesday February 19, 2014)  has pretty much nailed the Kyrie and we made good progress in the foothills of the Gloria. It has some simple tunes but with unexpected twists. My first impression is that it is going to be fun!

Other works will come from European Sacred Music from the Oxford Choral Classics (ISBN 0-19-343695-7). This one of our standards and new members are encouraged to buy it. However if that is problem to anybody we do have a few loan copies. The works are likely to include:

  • Brahms Geistliches Lied (p56)
  • Casals O Vos Omnes (p99)
  • Mendelssohn Verleih uns Frieden (p208)
  • Poulenc Salve Regina
  • Rachmaninov Bogoroditse Dyevo (p278)

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  1. Please find an Arvo Pert piece we can do. Would be great to learn the way his music works for singers.

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