What happens at rehearsals?

Rehearsals run from September until after Christmas for the Winter Concert. The first rehearsal of the new season is usually on the Wednesday of the first full week of the new school year in September. We usually avoid rehearsing in half term.

Rehearsals for the Summer Concert start on the second Wednesday after the Winter Concert.

If you are a would-be member please turn up for a rehearsal in good time and make yourself known to any choir member who will help to get you seated in the right section.

The first fifteen minutes or so of a rehearsal are spent in physical and vocal warm ups.

Some sectional rehearsals may be arranged by the sections themselves in someone’s house if certain parts are proving difficult. It is often possible to obtain rehearsal resources online (usually free) or on CD (which may need to be paid for. These will be posted in the News section in the early stages of rehearsal on a given piece

If an extra polish is required we may hold a full day of piano rehearsals on the Saturday before the concert. The Wednesday reheasal before the concert is normally held in the concert venue with the orchestra, if we are using one for the concert. On the Saturday of the concert we will have a full rehearsal starting in the early afternoon for about three hours.

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