How Are We Funded? An Update – Tŷ Cerdd Grant – Amazon Contributions

The Chorus’s main source of income is from member subscriptions. We have recently increased the subscription for the first time in many years but we operate a reduced subscription for non-wage-earners.  Furthermore we will waive subscriptions if the person would not otherwise be able to sing with us, in keeping with our open access ethos.

We have just added another potential stream of income, i.e. payments direct to us from Amazon, by becoming a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Do please read the Amazon news entry on our main page and use this link to do all your shopping at Amazon: Shop now at Amazon

Taken with the increase in the size of the choir we expect our income to increase to around £7000 in the 2013-2014. Ty Cerdd, the umbrella music organisation in Wales, has agreed a donation of £500 towards the cost of our January 2018 concert. Ticket revenues are typically around £600 to £1000 per concert.

The subscription level is set to roughly cover the costs of our major orchestral concert. The summer concert is then funded by the revenue from both concerts. This is a bit of a financial balancing act!

One common form of help is to become an “Angel”, someone who lends the Choir a sum of money (at zero interest) to cover cash-flow problems caused by the expenditure on a concert. This is usually repaid at the start of the term following the concert as subscription income comes in. We have never yet failed to repay an Angel although some very generous people have transmuted their loan into a donation. If you are willing to be an Angel then please contact the Treasurer.

We are also open to offers of sponsorship. Sponsors will be acknowledged on this site and in our concert programmes. The site will contain a link to their company website (if any) and the concert programme will contain a quarter-page or half-page advert based on copy submitted by the sponsor and depending on the size of the sponsorship. They will also receive two free tickets to each performance.

Sponsorship may be generic or specific. Generic sponsorship is simply a donation that the choir may use for whatever purpose, consistent with its aims and objectives. Specific sponsorship involves paying a specific expense. Some examples might be:

  • Hire of Venue—£250
  • Soloist’s Fee—£250-500
  • Orchestral member’s fee—£150-200

If you would like to sponsor the choir then please contact the Treasurer.

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