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Canton Chorus Data Protection Statement

At our AGM in Oct 2018, Canton Chorus agreed this policy, in order to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, which came into force on 25 May 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
We are publishing it here, in order to ensure that members and others with whom we have dealings can trust us to use the information about them, that we collect and hold, fairly and responsibly.



Canton Chorus is a registered charity.  Its objects are:

  • to advance, improve, develop and maintain public education in, and appreciation of, the art of choral singing and associated musical activity, through any means the Trustees see fit, including the provision of rehearsals under skilled guidance and public performance;
  • to further such charitable purpose or purposes as the Trustees in their absolute discretion shall think fit, in relation to the practice of choral singing.

Canton Chorus is a membership organisation, open to any person interested in furthering the objects of the Choir.  The management of the organisation is in the hands of the Trustees, who are elected annually by members at an Annual General Meeting.

Personal information is collected and held, with the consent of those concerned or such as is necessary in order to make or fulfil a contract, for purposes inherent in or closely connected with the objects of the organisation.  The information is available to Trustees and to persons designated by the Trustees to hold or use the information.

Categories of personal information

The organisation may hold personal information in the following categories:

Members’ contact details, which may include names, postal addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.  This information is held primarily by the Part Representatives (one each for soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices respectively).

Information concerning the payment of subscriptions and donations, which may include names, payment records and bank details and, in the case of Gift Aid Declarations, postal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and declarations of residential and tax status.  This information is held primarily by the Treasurer.

Information concerning those with whom the organisation enters into contracts or has other business dealings, for example conductors, accompanists, soloists and other musicians performing at concerts, composers from whom work may be commissioned, persons or organisations from whom the Choir may buy or hire premises, equipment or services.  This information is held primarily by one or more of the Treasurer, Musical Director and Librarian.

The organisation may also hold information concerning persons other than current members, such as former members or supporters of the Choir, who may wish to receive information about the Choir and its activities and who have given their consent for this purpose.  That information is held primarily by Part Representatives or such other person or persons as may be designated by the Trustees.

Ordinary members of the Choir may from time to time receive information, such as contact details, about other members of the Choir.  They shall be made aware that this information must be held and used solely for purposes of furthering the objects of the Choir and for no other purpose, except with the express consent of the individual or individuals concerned.

Consent, retention and deletion of personal information

All members and other persons interested in furthering the objects of the Choir (such as former members and supporters) shall be asked to sign a consent in writing to the retention and use of their contact details and other relevant information for the purposes of furthering the objects of the Choir, and undertaking only to use such information as they may receive about others for these purposes.

 Persons designated by the Trustees as primary holders of personal information shall be responsible for seeing that it is accurate and up to date, and that consent is current. They shall take reasonable steps to ensure that information is held securely, whether in paper or electronic form.

 Personal information shall be deleted when it is no longer required or relevant for furthering the objects of the Choir.  Information shall be deleted upon withdrawal of consent or at any event no later than five years after consent was last given.  In order to give effect to this, Trustees shall organise a full audit of information held every five years.