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Boost Canton Chorus funds through all your Amazon purchases

Please help boost choir funds by getting into the habit of doing your Amazon shopping (and persuading your friends and family to do same) through this link below:
This will take you directly to the Amazon website, where you can log into your own account and proceed to shop as usual.
Without paying any extra for your shopping, you will be boosting choir funds, through a small percentage commission paid by Amazon directly into the choir account. The contribution to our funding can be as large as 10% for some items.
Every single Amazon purchase made by our members, families and friends can potentially generate funds direct to the choir’s bank account. The addition of this funding option has come from enterprising research by Margot Henery, with thanks to the late Keith Underdown who discovered it originally.  If any changes or improvements are needed to the way this has been added to this website, do please let either Margot or myself ([email protected]) know.